How to get a free fax number and recieve faxes for free through email

Although fax machines are rapidly becoming obsolete and quite useless, many businesses and government agencies still require the use of fax as a method of communication.

Going to the library or UPS store can feel like a complete waste of time if you need to receive a single fax.

Stop this process now and get your own free fax number and start receiving faxes directly to your email address.

Get a free fax number and receive faxes to your email address

Register for a free fax number at

  • In the options, select: “Send them to my email address only” for “How would you like to receive your messages?”
  • We’re not using voice mail, so the option selected for “In what file format do you want to listen to your K7 messages?” doesn’t matter.
  • Select “Fax Only (fax tone only, no message)” for “How would you like your account set up?”

Your free fax number is now active.

Notes about your free fax number from

  • You must receive a fax within 72 hours of creating your fax number to keep it active, so send a free fax to yourself to make sure the number activates.
  • As well, you must have activity on your account at least once every 30 days, so set up a reminder to send yourself a free fax once every few weeks.

Other Free Fax Number Options?

Do you know of any other free fax number options? If so, let us know in the comments section below.

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