Developer CSS tool CSS Lint doesn’t let your code suck… Or does it? Website Screenshot

So, you think you’re a rockstar when it comes to CSS? Maybe you think you could benefit from another CSS tool in your belt? Are “tools” even the way to go?

The new CSS tool for developers, designers and webmasters alike, CSS Lint is a simple little website that claims it will “Will hurt your feelings (And help you code better)”… Or will it?

Many developers, such as Matt Wilcox, do not agree with the philosophy of CSS Lint, which focuses on browser performance in your CSS code rather than sustainable functionality and common sense (in some cases). Matt is correct on most of his points in “CSS Lint is harmful.” Honestly, do we need to even worry about Internet Explorer 6 anymore? Matt’s article is well worth a read before you put too much weight on any web-based developer or designer tool.

Developer and CSS Tools

Ultimately, relying on your own education, knowledge, research and other experts whom you trust is much more valuable, (although may be more time-consuming) than nearly any web-based developer tool.

Are there any web-based developer tools you trust completely?

Let us know which developer tools are worth looking at in the comments below.

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